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Financial Office Oversight
Objective - To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Finance Office and provide oversight on an ongoing basis. The ongoing services can include, but are not limited to:

  • being a resource to finance office personnel to answer their questions
  • design and implementation of financial policies and procedures
  • design and implementation of a budgeting process
  • financial statement preparation
  • outsourced Controller or CFO
  • design of financial reports for Boards
  • chart of accounts design
  • implementation of accounting software
  • assistance during finance office personnel leave of absence or turnover
  • coordinate annual financial review or audit

Compensation & Benefits Survey
Objective - To deliver comparative compensation and benefits data for all major job classifications. The survey will include an analysis of the organization’s salaries as they compare to a group of similar organizations.

Operational Assessment

Objective - To perform a review in key operating areas: Corporate and Administrative Matters (including Human Resource Management & Information Technology), Financial Reporting, Tax Compliance and Internal Control. The deliverable is a detailed report outlining the issues which need to be addressed as well as suggestions on how to resolve these issues. Wherever possible you will be provided sample policies and/or documents which can assist you in addressing the issues.

Financial Operations Manual
Objective - To assist you in creating a customized Financial Operations Manual. The manual is comprised of about 25 – 30 chapters, with each chapter addressing a pertinent area of your financial system. The manual can help your organization be better prepared in the event of an accounting staff departure and can facilitate the training of accounting / financial staff, but most importantly, it is a constant reference tool for your organization on specific issues that affect your organization’s financial activity.


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